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I love football but never played before I entered high school. High school gave me an opportunity to be part of the team and try out football. I fell in love with it. I love the strategy of game play being a QuarterBack and leading the offensive. Even more I love being part of the team. I learned a lot about leadership while being on the field and with my team mates.  

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High School - Senior (2018-19)

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High School - Junior (2017-18)

SCHS Bruins went to Semi-Finals for CCS Playoff - if we went ahead and won then we would have broken the record set last time in 1990 (27 years ago) - Bruins’ Cinderella Run Comes to an End (Santa Clara Weekly) - published Nov 30th, 2017. Thank you to the team and coach Roberts for an amazing run this season. I was mentioned in the article "Santa Clara got the ball first and swiftly marched down the field. An impressive scramble and completion from quarterback Shubham Banerjee to Seth Everett for a first down preceded a 40-yard touchdown run by senior tailback Erik Ketton."

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Just throwing at the right place

Just throwing at the right place


I am currently a Quarter Back (QB) in my school's varsity team and a Junior at Santa Clara High School. We have trained the whole summer for the season to start. These are some pics from our training in Aug 2017.

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High School - Sophomore (2016-17)

Had to sit out with the team due to change in school at the start of football season.

High School -Freshman (2015-16)

My passion about football

As a freshman in High School I developed a passion for football and played as a QB in school. It taught me a lot about discipline and teamwork and camaraderie and build a lot of character in me. 

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I joke with Shubham Banerjee , - Bengali's are known for being more in the intellectual area rather than in extreme contact sport like football. He is in Monarch Freshman football (see Kevin Moore :-) Go Monarch) and his jersey is #16, same like Joe Montana :-) check him out doing extreme tackle in the recent game with Palo Alto High School - Vikings

Posted by Neil Banerjee on Tuesday, September 22, 2015